Wolverine – Madripoor Knights #4 (2024)

Suresh Gurung


Wolverine – Madripoor Knights #4 (2024)

Wolverine – Madripoor Knights #4 (2024) : THE HAND’S DIABOLICAL PLAN — AND THEIR FIERCEST WARRIOR! WOLVERINE and CAPTAIN AMERICA race to defeat the HAND’s ULTIMATE WARRIOR! But a much darker fate awaits the BLACK WIDOW if this heroic trio can’t stop MATSU’O and the Hand’s decades-long plan! Plus: MEET the SAIKO-JONIN and discover how they will alter our heroes’ destinies! X-Men Legend Chris Claremont’s all-new, in-continuity adventure continues!

Wolverine – Madripoor Knights #4

Language : English 
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Year : 2024 
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